Discussion on Google HashCode Practice Question 2021

This thread is to discuss the Hashcode 2021 practice question. We could discuss the scores that we have got as there is no ranking for the practice question.
Here are my scores as of now:

A: 65
B: 12,015
C: 705,472,464
D: 7,748,466
E: 10,674,444
Total: 723,907,454

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I’m looking for a team/hub. Anyone interested?

I am :grinning:

me also bro

I am interested

Guys! I want to find the solution of even more pizza question of hashcode can any of you send me their solution… plz i waiting …

Yes I would like to join


yes bro…

Hey, my result is:
A - 74
B - 13,629
C - 710,355,943
D - 7,859,295
E - 9,905,319
Total - 728,134,260 points

If you want to discuss your and mine approaches, mail me at panchenko.yehor@lll.kpi.ua

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Would you like share your source code…because I had got total score of about
25 crores

Where to see the Hashcode 2021 practice question?

In the official contest how many questions will be asked or how many questions will be there.

1 Q only as per the past years.

My scores-

First test set is small. So, you can try everything. For the rest, mostly picking the pizzas with largest ingredients and matching the pizzas such that increase of ingredients is maximum and/or intersection is less. Also, tried partial randomization of the sorted (based on count of ingredients) pizzas array and ran 10-2000 times depending upon the size of test set.

  • A: 74
  • B: 12,676
  • C: 706,624,573
  • D: 8,061,427
  • E: 10,988,056
  • Total: 725,686,806

I’m looking for a team for Hashcode 2021. If anyone interested, please reply or dm me at discord abhii#1259

I’m looking for team for hashcode. I am having max rating of 1614 on codeforces.

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yes i also look for a team in this year’s hashcode
please repl as soon as poosible as i can make team toaday only before 5:00 PM

Join My team with above link, if you are ineterested!