Dishonesty in December long challenge 2018

I just realized some people stealed my code in the last December long challenge. I thought it was ok to publish my solutions in my github ( ) during the contest. Lesson learned.
I don’t want to point fingers here. Really sad to see this happening. I’m wondering how this will affect the ratings?

People search bits and pieces of the problems they find difficult, which is perfectly fine. It’s our responsibility that we don’t share our logics or write codes on a public platform during a contest.

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I too became victim of this same dishonesty during FEB18 Long Challenge when I accidentally pushed solutions to my github repo just a day before end of that contest … I got penalty of 535 rating points :frowning: … The only remedy is to keep your future solutions completely offline during the contest. Hope this helps. My current ratings heavily reflect this :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the sensible thing to do would be to disqualify you along with all the guys who copied your code.

Why u not share it after the contest dude ? Just why?

Sharing solutions during an ongoing contest in not right. You ll loose your ratings. I don’t understand why people copy when they know there rating is gonna fall.

This is simply height of stupidity. What occurred to you that you decided that “lets publish my solution on github. Its going to be irrelevant to people who dont know about codechef and those who know will be honest enough to not copy my 100 point solution and get ranks.” :slight_smile:

Regarding what would happen, is, that you will get disqualified, along with rest of others. A rating penalty will be applied depending on how many times you have broken rules/given misconduct before.

Its like throwing money on road and blaming others who picks it up


Yeah, lesson learned.

I understand that, but copying code literally is another thing…

Thanks for sharing! Lesson learned.

Never gonna make the same mistake again. I don’t see the point in cheating.

Thanks for the support.

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