Disjoint - Set : Complete Course(Video Tutorial)

In this course we will be learning disjoint set data structure , by theory , examples and solving a number of problems.

Here you can find the complete playlist.

V01 : Course Overview
V02 : Motivation
V03 : Introductuon to DisjointSet
V04 : Disjoint Set Implementation
V05 : Solving a problem (Teacher’s Dilemma : HackerEarth))
V06 : Path Compression (New)

I am not actually a teacher or a coach , just trying to teach others what i already know , I don’t want others to waste as much time as i did to learn these things.

If you guys find these helpful , please show your support so that i can work harder.
You guys are my only motivation.
Thanks for reading this boring article.
Happy coding .