[ DIV 3 ] Everyday Problem Solving

Shared Problem Solving and Discussion

Practice Set: https://codeforces.com/contest/977

Solutions: Everyday Problem Solving Editorial Playlist

Problems are UPDATED on 10 July 2020

This will be helpful to anyone who is looking for the practice group.
Hope that this can help us.

Thank You


Yeah, I also struggle with consistency. I am in for this. Can you create a telegram group or something like that ?

Slack group is there:


Hey, its a new day and a new problem set to keep us going.

Great i am in.

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If you want to discuss the problems with Facebook community then you can join via this.

They can also help you ( OR ) we can also help them in learning.
You can also share problem for the next day here itself which will be used for discussion and to learn by all.

Editorial added for Todays Problems. Hope that you can share your ideas too.

Another new day, and we will be solving another set of problems from Dynamic Programming.

I hope that this morning activity will help us to be consistent in Competitive Programming.


Great initiative .Even I have started a blog to help coders new to the coding community specially those who have recently started coding and have little idea which questions to practice.You can check out these links if you feel like.Will frequently keep updating the sets Happy Coding!.

Problems added for today.
Yesterday’s Editorial

Today’s Solution

Todays problems are updated, have a look.

Need help in CHADAY & Magic Board.

Can we share with you the problems asked on codejam and other competitions ?. I must say it’s a very nice initiative.

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Hey, I am in for his tell me how to join the group

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@codie_1 slack link is given above

This is really good initiative.Hope I will improve my CP skills. :grinning:

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Problem were not like yesterday,

Today’s problems are updated.

Yesterdays Editorial:

And todays problems are updated.