DIV1 + DIV2 Rounds in Codechef

Hi Codechef folks.

How about a Division1 + Division2 combined rounds monthly or even once in 2 months. Same as Codeforces, as this will allow all participants to contest together. Participants from Div2 can contest with Div1 folks, as now there is just a barrier in between.


Ya agree…

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It’s Hightime Codechef should introduce one more rated contest. 3 is very less.


but bro in that case only div1 guys will have the benifit as they were always in top of the table . you want 7 star competing with 1star or 2 star ,that will effect our ratings badly .

But if Div2 outperformed any of the Div1 guys, you will have better rating change.
Also Rating change mechanism is relative.
Same your point goes for guys, with 4* and 5*, if they don’t perform there will be rating change for them as well.

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bro check it out ,more than 70% of coders are below 3 star and there will be hardly any cases when 2 star or 3 star will outperform 5* or 6* and 7*. so according to me it will not be that benifitial

The algorithm used to calculate rating changes makes sure that people are affected according to their current ratings. If a 7 star participant gets a rank out of top 5, he may get decreased ratings while a 3 star participant getting top 100 will have high increase in ratings.

Overall combined div 1+2 will really not affect div 2 participants the way you are thinking.


Leave DIV1 folks. You still will have a contest for competing with div2 participants,
Also main objective of this coding platforms are to engage programmers in more contests. 3* participants will not forever be 3* they will improve further, and 2* will come to 3* this continues.
More contests will give bring more activeness and more problems to solve.

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your problem can be solved by either increasing the number of competitions or by decreasing the border of div1 and div2 to 1700(this will increase number of participants)
and as you said codeforces follows that way ,then we should have both expeiences .

i truely agree with this and appreciate it.


It would be a great idea to combine div 1 and div 2 for short contests and keep all the 8 problems (2 common and 3 different for each) from all divisions. As div 1 rounds are usually unbalanced, this approach would help in balancing the round more and will not affect div 2 in a wrong way too.


Codechef did this 2 years ago. IG

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oh it means they(codechef) have already tried this …there must be some issue so they changed over

When they did it 2 years ago, they had just 5 problems, so no concept of div 1 and 2. Keeping 8 scorable problems combines the essence of both divs.

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That’s why we need separate rounds for combined. As now divisions are made. Before there was no division system.

Just shift to some other platform. If 3 is not enough.


That is how you prove your point??

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