Do anyone know about edureka elevate program

Is anybody here did or doing edureka elevate program

Yaa i got selected but it was postponed due to corona

Is it good to join that course.

I mean the course couldn’t start but Edureka is a well known company so I think it should be good, were you selected as well?

I was selected.They said this is the second batch,but i couldn’t find any review of this course when i searched on google

I think this is the first time they will do this course. Also did you get any mail from them regarding the postponement of the course?

What’s ur stand,will u wait for this course to start or will u go on with ur current offer.
I’m really confused to what to do.

I am confused as well, and as you are saying this is the second batch, but there are no details of what happened to the first batch like what offers they got etc. This raises some doubts in my mind. Also we dont know when the course will resume.

No, this is the first batch. I also got selected but need to wait for the batch to resume.

Btw we are given only the admission offer letter only till now , right? Were we given any other details regarding the batch or min salary?

Yes…only the offer letter is given. You can call the number of the admission counselor shared in their communication email.

I called Shiladitya Ghosal & he said that they are unable to start the batch because they are not able to arrange formalities for bond.

Ok thanks

Guys what do you think will the course resume, i think the course would not start any time soon . It might have got cancelled as well.

well done, sir