Do I need to register for a contest before it take place?



As a new user here, I ask this question. Do I need to register for a contest before it take place?
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If it is a outside contest which codechef hosted then, you have to register for the contest and login with your team Credentials but if the contest is run by codechef iteslf then you don’t need to register for that.

Contest Run by Codechef Itself : Cook-off, Long-contest(challenge) and Luch Time.


For contest run by codechef (Long, Cook-off and Lunch-Time), you need not register.

For other external contests, it depends on the contest, whether you need to register or not. If the contest is, allow me to use the phrase, “an individual contest” (each participant is an individual competing alone), then you need not register to participate in the contest. However, to be eligible for prizes, you might need to be registered on the competition’s website. To know this check the home page of the competition, regarding such details. If the competition is a team contest, you need to register your teams in advance. Again, to see if the teams need to register on the contest website, check the competition website.

Basically, read the rules and information section on the contest homepage to know more details about the contest in advance. And usually, there would be an email address given there, where we could contact, in case, there are any doubts/queries regarding the contest.


if the contest is of codechef then no, otherwise it depends upon the requirement of particular contest
some demands ,some not


Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lot.