Do not ever disrespect any organisation / Job

Hey community, many times some idiot people just disrespect the organization in which I currently working in ie., Infosys , or some fking indian people mentality that if u r working in Infosys , TCS , Accenture, Wipro, IBM , then u r nothing people just say

  1. are ha bhai kya hi kaam krwati hogi
  2. ja bha ja excel sheet bhar
  3. hai , 15 hazar ki nokri krra hai
  4. do infosys have work ?

I will not tell u anything about how big these organizations are , but u don’t have any right to disrespect any organization , just bcz it’s mass recruiter / small company …

you know what is the meaning of job ? logo ke pass job hai nhi , go and see the job to unemplyement ratio , u r no where and u just dis-respect people bcz they are working in these companies , completely bullshit , bcz of this mentality u r fking idiot .

I do CP bcz i found very much intresting , so what if I m in company then where this is written that u have to leave CP .

PS : sorry for some words , but this is too much , in every 5 to 10 days some idiot make fake ID and just divert the topic and said abe 5 lakh pe hi hai , abe kya krta hai , kya hi kaam krwati hogi .

I request moderators please ban those people , otherwise If I abuse on this platform this will be wrong , so please i request see those people.

or jo bolte hai na unke liye : pehle at least mere jitne contest do uske baad baat krna .

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Bro ignore those people. The amount of hard work you do is evident from the ups and down on your graph. Sooner or later, I am pretty sure you will achieve heights and these guys will be no where.


Bro , u r correct , but see if repeatedly these kind of things happen then it will be wrong , if someone says about my rating to ek baar ko chalta hai , but for my organisation , then what i do ?


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Inlogo ko khud kahi job nhi mila h aur yaha fake acc banake dusro ko bas demotivate karna ata h. Bolde do unko, takleef hoti hogi unko. Also there are so many good guys and coders who always help here. So, just consider these shits that they don’t exist.


I am sorry that you felt hurt here!

if someone says about my rating to ek baar ko chalta hai , but for my organisation , then what i do ?

You are welcome to educate them about your organization and clear the doubts.
You are also welcome to report their posts to admin by email if you believe any post goes against community guidelines.
If it’s something very bad or misleading about the organization, there are legal ways as well.

Otherwise If I abuse on this platform this will be wrong , so please i request see those people.

If anyone says something stupid in public, it’s for everyone to see and judge. Nothing justifies abusing.

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Thanks for this sir , but see they don’t ask in this way that what work my organization do , they said about my salary , work , or working culture and that’s ridiculous .

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Let them say! Still at the end, you will be the hero if you reply nicely and educate them. In this process, other people who read the posts will also get educated and it will help improve even the general perception of the company.


Thank you , I will definately look into this , liked your +ve way of seeing the situation

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Wow, i just visited your profile. Looks like you give every contest. Keep going bro and keep going strong. Ignore these idiots and don’t feel demotivated.

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Well writing such posts will just encourage them because people do such thing out of frustration or anger , so they will just think that they give you a reply which affected you . I also think that these things are wrong and people say things like these.

see, first of all, Infosys is not a bad place to work. I know you will be working on cutting-edge technologies and these are the guys who were not able to crack hackwithinfy so just for fun they try to frustrate you but don’t be. Aaj nhi to kal, everyone will be at a good place where they actually deserve. Be proud of yourself …cheers


I find most of your posts and comments cringe-worthy but I agree with what you’ve said here.

Don’t pay attention to the trolls. Just ignore them and move on. Simple!

@ssrivastava990 bhai muje infosys ki work culture k bare m janna ha. work pressure hota ha ke nhi??? product wali m 9 ghanta kam karna hota sunne m aya. infoysys ka kya seen ha?