Does anyone know what "Amazon Non-SDE Tech hiring" is?

Hello everyone,

I got an email today from Amazon stating that I have been invited to take an online test scheduled for tomorrow. I didn’t apply on the careers portal. We were given a google form to fill out. The email subject is Amazon Non-SDE tech hiring.

Please reply if anyone knows about what “Non-SDE” tech hiring is, what will the test consists of, etc.
Thank you.

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Heyy, thanks for replying.
Is sdet is non-sde tech position?

Yeah, may be they are looking for quality assurance Engineer, support engineer,data engineer,sdet.

I got the same mail and my test is scheduled for tomorrow, is there anything you can tell me, what did the test consist of, how many questions or anything?

What is Data engineer role about? Does it involve coding? Can we have chance to shift to SDE side after joining as Data Engineer?

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where did you apply ? can you share the link please…

Hi nirbhay, can you tell me what the test consisted of, time duration, questions, etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi anon, can you tell about your experience of the test with amazon. I have the test tomorrow, it would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.

Can you please tell me for which job id you got the response?
Have you applied through the referral?

it’s a pool campus drive in our college

Anyone plz tell I have my test in 1hr27mins. Plz tell it would be of great help, I really need this job, it will also be an internship which would be very great, plz tell package is also above 30 lakhs. Plz is there anyone who knows about the format of this test.

Hey @paras15 , Can you please tell me about the pattern of the test

Some of my friends had participated in this pool drive. The test consisted of 1 coding question and 40 MCQs. MCQs were mainly on testing, Big data, Software Engineering, DBMS. The coding question is of easy-medium level.

For my college, they offered an internship with a stipend of just 20k only. :no_mouth:
And the package is also around 9LPA.