Does CodeChef need a bigger server or is there some error in their current server?

When I try to visit a page from CodeChef, I often get a


error from


. Sometimes, it even happens when I try to vote up a comment! I am curious about this problem and would like to know the cause. Is it because too many people are using CodeChef? If so, then are you going to get bigger servers soon? If not, when will CodeChef be fixed? Thank you for responding!


@noble_mushtak i too have the same problem and i searched that on forum and i got a question related to this asked by ‘vinay1729’ and i found a best answer from there by ‘ghostcoder1996’ saying that

the problem isn't from your side it is from codechef site being overloaded since the competition that night(ie June long challenge i suppose) ...just reload 3-4 times and the request goes through.
but i am not confirm when this problem will fly away?

Yes , they do need bigger servers.
Recently,Codechef has got really popular and lots of people are joining it.

Hopefully,Codechef will soon realise the problem and solve it.


Well @vinay_2003 thank you for mentioning my name as this question and the 503 error is annoying me too. So i did a little checkup everywhere.The site respond time zaps every time one opens too many tabs of it . Also i found a question on quora about this answered by Anup Kalbalia ,Codechef organizing team,he said and i quote -

“503 should be Service Unavailable. It happens when there is a lot of load on the servers. Or also when there too many requests from the same IP. If you get this at any time other than at the start of the contest, it is likely that your request has hit a rate limiter.”…

Also then in comment he said-“Well I was clarifying the 503 is not an Internal Error. If you have seen a message of Internal Error with 503 status then we are worried. It will be helpful to send us a snapshot and you IP.
Coming to your question of scaling up, well it was an issue that we tried to fix today, and it got backfired. It was resolved when we re-started the contest. Hopefully things will be better now.”

so dont open too many tabs in once…or try this snapshot thing and if it works comment here so that i can do the same too…dont forget to tell me if you do it.