Does the order of inputs/outputs in your code matter?

at first, I thought it should be input first and then output, but then I saw code that has input output input output…so are both allowed ?

Yes surely… Only OUTPUT will also work if u know the inputs :smiley:

Outputs are always made on another file so whatever u do with inputs doesn’t matter…

I have answered some questions without taking whole inputs XD

So feel free to mix Outputs and inputs as u like…

welp…so that’s that, really helpful you know, and…wow, answering question without taking whole inputs ? , now that’s amazing

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yeah did that In an “challenge question”…
printed a random number in range and got 10 points :smiley:

Please use meaningful titles of your questions. I was about to flag this question, and to suspend you for 7 days, until I realized that your question was genuine. A better title of the same question would be “Does the order of inputs/outputs in your code matter?”. Please also try to write your question in better language for the benefit of community.


wow, err, what was the title before ?

It was input input output output or input output input output

Codechef has edit history of question. Click on edited yesterday

ah, I didn’t know that, thank you, well, now that I see it, yeah, the original title was indeed stupid, I couldn’t think of how to ask it other than that way though