Doubt about Codechef Programming Scholarship

I gave the Codechef Programming Scholarship today and came in top 10.

Top 10 participants were to receive 1 month unacademy plus subscription.

But I haven’t received any mail yet as of now.

So is there anything else that I need to do to gain that scholarship ?

If no, then how much do I have to wait before I receive that scholarship.

UPD: I finally got the scholarship.

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Yeah same. Didn’t get any kind of update on unacademy app or mail.
@admin look into it please.

Hold on, was the scholarship for top 10 participants? in that case, I also haven’t received any further info regarding it. @admin please look into this.

Wait for 2-3 weeks.

I came 1st in the test held on 5th December and got scholarship mail on 23rd.

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Do check your Mail Id’s Promotion and Social section daily , many a times such kind of mail comes in those section and we don’t see them

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