Doubt about rating system

I’m new to CodeChef and I was planning to participate in the competition to test my skills.

I recently realized that there is a star system on CodeChef and you earn stars by earning ratings and you earn ratings by participating in contests.

So my question is if there are certain no. of questions in the long challenge (let’s say 10),
so, on an avg how many rating points will I earn per Question after the contest end.

Let’s say I solved the top 2 easiest questions in that challenge so on an avg. approximately how much rating will I earn?

I was told that don’t focus on stars and just focus on practicing but I think that stars give some motivation that’s why I’m eager to know.

Hi there just wanted to say the same thing , keep practicing !!!
Generally your rating depends on how good you have fared against other competitors. And , another thing its nothing like if i get 1000 rank my rating increased and if i get 3000 it’ll reduce. Because rating dosen’t depend on ranking but how nice you have done to others. Your bad rank might be good as others found it difficult too.
Generally solving between 4 to 5 questions initially would get you to three stars within 5 contest. But again this is not a hard and fast rule.

Hope it helped !!!

yeah!, thanks. :slight_smile: