Doubt in C program

Why does the compiler not show any error in the given program as i have declared an array having size 2 and using more than 2? Mostly array starts from 0 or 1 but i have started it from 2.
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void) {
int a[2],i;
return 0;

What output did you get?
It shows runtime error on ideone.

An array access out of bounds is Undefined Behaviour, meaning anything can happen: the program could crash; the program could continue to run to the end without any errors; your harddrive could be formatted; or demons could fly out of your nose.


I am using turbo C. I got the output as I have declared an array of size 10.

You’re only compiling the program. There’s no compile time error. But you are guaranteed to get a runtime error

No I didn’t get any error. I have run the program in turbo C and also in codechef.

Try running your code in

Ok!! Now i get the exact answer.

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Yes you’re right. It will not execute in every compiler. Thanks to all of you!

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