Doubt in explaination -ONEKING

What happens if there are many kingdoms within a bigger kingdom say [1,9],[1,4],[5,6],[7,9]?what will be the number of bombs required.

1 bomb or 3 bombs ?


I think, that problem statement is clear:

A kingdom of the form [L, R] can be destroyed completely by placing a bomb at a point x on the real line if L
≤ x ≤ R.

so can you destroy [1, 4] and [5, 6] with one bomb?

Apply golden rule: Do not assume something not written in problem statement.


But can’t we destroy all kingdoms with a single bomb by destroying 1st kingdom i.e. [1 to 9] ? And answer of above test case should be 1 .Am i wrong in getting the problem .

i think the intervals which overlap at some point can be destroyed by 1 bomb but which do not overlap have to be destroyed with another bomb.

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But 1 to 9 kingdom will be overlapped by all other kingdoms so if we will destroy it all other kingdoms should be destroyed …

Try out this simple thing.

  1. Draw a real line.
  2. Find the overlapping regions.

Gives you 3.

ofcourse 3 bombs will be required

I had similar doubt (except the examples).

Thanks you very much @betlista :diamonds::diamonds: for clearing it up, finally got AC :slight_smile: .

Thanks again.

Why should it work that way? There’s nothing like that written in problem statement, those are separate kingdoms…

Back to the basics. Tell me, where you will place the bomb…