Doubt in free subscription for top performer in September cook off

As we know , in September mega Cook off CC gives free subscription for top performer from each indian college , so my doubt is if a guy in div1 and solve 2 question (+2questions from div 2 also) 2 marks and guy who in div 2 solve 3 question then who will get chance , means the point of div 2 contest also counts or not? @admin


Div-1 users are considered above Div-2 users irrespective of how many problems they have solved.

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“As we know , in September mega Cook off CC gives free subscription for top performer from each indian college”, How did you know this bro?

check your mail!

I didn’t receive any mail or so.

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Does that mean, if there is only one student in div. 1 from a college and he only makes a wrong submission then he will get subscription regardless of his institute’s div. 2 rank list ?


what does subscription mean over here? Idk I am relatively quite new

Free Subscription of Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef course on unacademy for 1 month.

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oh okay thank you!

Will It be also applied for Indian High School Students??

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@admin Will Indian Schools will also get benefit or only Indian college. And if my school/college don’t have any DIV 1 participant then DIV 2 participant with most score will be awarded or not?


woww. slow claps

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Then what is mean by this ?, Donot Judge by its performance.
Then its mean this is not for Div 2 .

@admin in my university 2 colleges are present . then how many students gets free subscription one from one college or one from one university.

Instead of this , just do one thing like feb long that for giving free subscription count how many questions solved by someone no matter from div1 or div2

What will you do to check whether someone is changing the college name, or is using new codechef id??
It would harm other fair participants


What do others say about it?

for 1 month we get free subsription?? after that we have to pay??

Long contest protocol can’t be used in a short contest. In a long contest, we can ask a Div-1 user to also solve the non-scorable problems, but we can’t expect them to do the same in a short contest.