Doubt in PASSWD problem

I have doubt in problem code : PASSWD in that problem it have mentioned that in 2nd condition that in password first and last letter wont’be a capital letter but in sample input second test case is U@CODE4CHEFINA in this case first letter is capital so output would be a NO but in Sample Output is YES so that’s why I have confusion. Please solve my doubt.

The problem statement means that there should be a capital inside \bold {inside} the string.
What they mean is, they don’t care if the first and last letters are capital or not. Just that there should be a capital inside as well. Like in the ex U@ \large {\bold{C} } ODE4CHEFINA.

But in 2nd condition they have written that Password must contain at least one upper case letter [A−Z][A−Z] strictly inside, i.e. not as the first or the last character that’s why i am asking.

I think it means that an upper case letter must be “strictly inside” the string. If their are upper case letters not “strictly inside”, it is not a problem.

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