Doubt regarding BST Operations

I am a beginner in programming. I was doing BST operations question in the practice section. I came across a doubt that I am not able to solve. My code is attached below.
Why when I am taking position as a variable in delete instead a part of structure of node getting wrong answer? I have solved using position as a data member of Node structure but what if I wanted to do without that, Is that possible?

IMO - BSTOPS is a broken problem and you should probably just leave it :frowning:


Ah - looks like the Problem has since been fixed :slight_smile: WA in BSTOPS and doubt regarding smart pointers - #7 by akashbhalotia


We have fixed the test cases and also improved the statements a bit. Please let me know if there are other issues with this problem. Here is a link to my submission: link :slight_smile: