Doubt regarding certificates for school students

On the contest page of May Lunchtime 2018 Division 2, this is written:

For Indians:

Top 5 school students from ranklist will receive 50 laddus & a certificate. Additionally, they get bonus laddus (Bonus = n - contest rank) where ‘n’ is 6 for short contests.

So, is it true that certificates are given out to school students? If yes, how long does it take? I’m asking this because I’ve got the laddus but not the certificate.

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@admin said that certificates will be given only to school students. You should receive them within 2-3 weeks (can be sooner). Any other queries? :slight_smile:

Nope, that’s all. Thanks!

There could be number of reasons, Professional institutes didn’t perform their duties like this. King Citation is our primary channel where we are promoting our writing related duties around the world and some big schools in USA. So have better experience about schools activities and this could be happen due to any accident in school.