Doubt Regarding The Best Site For Beginners

I have complete knowledge of c++ with data structures and algorithms , which is the best site for me to start programming ?

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for CP: codeforces, Atcoder

for Technical interviews: LEETCODE, INTERVIEWBIT


Codechef’s Long Challenges are the best for beginners. Most of my learning has taken place in those contests.



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Codechef’s long.
Codeforces Div3.
Atcoder’s ABC.

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You can try spoj. It has most of the standard problems a beginner should know.

but i have heard , it starts getting tougher after 5-10 question is it true ?

geeksforgeeks? hows that

Not really 5-10 questions, but yes it is on the tougher side. But the problems are mostly standard. I don’t think there are direct standard questions of a concept on codeforces or atcoder.

ok and will it also help me in interview preparation ?

Sure. Also try leetcode for interviews preparation.

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thanks for your help

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Atcoder and Codeforces of course

it have great tutorials

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