Doubt regarding tie breaker problem

Hi , So I am new to codechef.I had some doubts regarding Long Challenges.

  1. Each contest will have one min/max tie breaker problem, where the best solution will receive one point and all other solutions will receive a fraction based how close they come to the best solution.
    So all the solutions of a particular language would be compared among themselves or every code irrespective of language would be compared? (considering how slow java/python is wrt C++)

  2. Which is the tie-breaker problem? Is it explicitly mentioned somewhere?

  3. Only tie-breaker problem would run on external tests after contest is over,right?

You might want to read the following:

  1. All solutions of respective divs are considered irrespective of language. It’s not about how fast a program runs. There is a scoring function which you have to minimize/ maximize. You can look at past problems.

  2. There is no challenge problem for this contest unfortunately.

  3. Yes. It is actually run on all tests during the contest itself but only the score for some tests is shown and after contest it is changed to inculcate all tests.

Thank You!

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Thank You! Just checked challenge problem from previous contests, it makes sense now.I was just confused because of ongoing contest which has no challenge problem.