Doubts on Plagiarism

Suppose i use a part of someone’s code from some ex-contest (say for eg. sparse table construction) and submit in some future contest. Now it may happen that even that person uses the same code module in the same contest that i use . Does this count as plagiarism? What should i do in this case? Should i change the code structure, should i not care about copy case or should i entirely forget about the code module as maybe it’s just for reading purpose ? Hopefully i expressed my doubt without any ambiguity :slight_smile: . Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Until and unless you are not caught by their moss software you are safe. And if it is found that both the users have the same code in a contest then it will treated as a case of plagiarism. Yes you can change the code structure this can save you, since plagiarism is tested by a software not a human being!