Doubts Regarding Internships?

I know it’s a bit off topic but now the internship season is going on and so many companies are recruiting interns for 2021 summer. So my doubt is, will they stop hiring for 2021 summer after this phase??

I mean , if I don’t get any offers in these 1-2 months, will I get a chance to apply for summer internships in early 2021(Jan-Mar time) ? Does anyone know about this ?

UPD: I’m asking this because I got to know that the companies are also asking questions from DBMS,OS,etc . which hasn’t been taught completely in our college. (DBMS was in last sem syllabus , but corona FTW ).


Okay! Not sure whether they’ll be hiring after this but I can answer some things about the last part.

I can relate to these lines as these subjects were there in my last semester as well but corona happened and I didn’t care to read these on my own. I literally read these subjects few days before I got an intern offer. I really regret being careless regarding this. While in an interview, you can’t make such lame excuses.

What can be done?

For OS, you can go refer this playlist (I’m assuming you know hindi) and gfg last minute notes for OS. You can watch the playlist at 1.5X and you should be done with OS in 2-3 days if you have will power to watch whole series. You can skip some portions like disk management as they are less important. I literally finished this whole playlist in one day :stuck_out_tongue: (in 2X). I already knew many of the topics so skipped those parts. The only tough topic is of process synchronization. You can just have a gist of that if you feel it is tough.

Regarding DBMS, I referred the same channel but I didn’t find it useful for DBMS. It covered less topics than expected especially in SQL parts. There is one more playlist. I haven’t watched it but my friend recommend me this. Don’t forget to read the last minutes notes on gfg as well. You can do it in 3-4 days.

The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and not to lose confidence. Even if you’re not well versed with the above subjects, I’d recommend you to still apply for companies and give interviews now as well and prepare for these subjects side by side. Showcase them your other skills.
Best of Luck!! :blush: :blush:


Thanks a lot for the reply and the playlists ! :slight_smile:

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