DP is fun!

DP is fun, isn’t it? However many people find hard to get the hang of it when they start with dp.
What are the DP problems which you personally love and which opened up your mind and gave you another perspective into this area of competitive programming?

Be sure to post your favorite DP problems from codechef, codeforces, spoj, Usaco, and other online judges and olympiads. It will be fun solving other’s favorites and also help new people understand and practice dp better


yeah its so much fun.
I still remember those beautiful nights me and dp have spent together (mostly as nightmares but hey , at least we are still in relationship).


Yes, I am also in a relationship with her but we have developed some rough-patches for each-other lately. I hope I can woo her again.


Here are my personal favourites :
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/1256/E : Tough
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/1197/E : Easy
https://www.codechef.com/COOK104A/problems/SONGSHOP : Medium

Some of my dp+bitmasks favourites :
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/981/D : Medium
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/959/E : Easy
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/895/C : Hard
https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/1215/E : Tough

The difficulty level written above is my personal opinion and may differ from person to person.


Will check them out!

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