DRCHEF New Test Cases

I see new test cases have been added to the problem
So will all the submissions be rejudged?

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I donot see any announcement. Where did they mention that new tests have been added?

Try resubmitting

will score will be reset if those who have sumbitted earlier but now new test cases are not passed

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Try resubmitting you’re solution. If you get WA, solve the question again.


Yes they are rejudging all the previous solutions.

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Do we have to resubmit or codechef will automatically do it and show WA or any .

They will rejudge,but It will be better if you try to resubmit the code.


it automatically rejuged , if there is any wr ans

Where have the new test cases been added?? i cant see them on my page?!

can you provide me some testcases , so i can recheck my solution , i just failing 3 subtasks in 80 points

same here , even i can’t see the new test cases.

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i don’t see any new cases :flushed:

And those three are enough to not let you get those precious points. No offence. You can’t ask for test cases.

New testcases are not provided as Sample.


What do you mean? How can you see the test cases? But it worked. The number of AC submissions has decreased. :laughing:

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Earlier there were only 5 test case files when you submit a solution. Now you’ll see 10 test case files. You cannot see the test case information, and extra samples are not added.


New testcases have been added and the submissions that got AC even for wrong solution have been rejudged and now getting WA. Good to see action by Codechef in such a small time.


That is very nice move on behalf of the codechef team .