Week 3 contest
Aren’t there any Resources for python programmers in Data structures
As you provided Resources for C++ STL :slightly_smiling_face:
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Yes.You can find it in GeeksforGeeks

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I would strongly recommend not to pursue in Python if you plan to submit a lot of problems on Codechef/Codeforces/etc which involve STL data structures usage. Most problems that requires sets/maps often have 10^5 size of input and most of these problems therefore cannot be ACed in Python because of the inherent slowness of the language in comparison to C++/Java.


I don’t want to say that I disagree with you, but recently I have seen a master using just python for Competitive Programming. I agree that there is not as much community support as cpp, but it isn’t impossible I guess ?

upd: even a Grandmaster (Red Coder on codeforces)


Yep, looks like this person does code in Python and is able to get most questions done. But I would still consider it as a huge opportunity cost to pick Python for CP. Mainly because as you can see to improve the efficiency of the program you need to be able to code in PyPy and CPy (Flavours of Python, that forms executables, i.e are compiled) as can be seen in this users submission. Also most onsite contests, ex. IOI/IOI-TC/ICPC Regionals/ICPC World Finals do not guarantee an AC solution to exist in Python for every problem in the problem set (and don’t have support for PyPy), so it restricts the contests that you can use Python in.