DSA Quiz - Get Fun this Lockdown

Hey folks!!!,

I hope you all are doing well in this lockdown and so I decided to bring to you a number of fun DSA questions which is like a sort of a quiz. I will post some questions which will not be coding related just a few one words or one line answer type questions to improve your basic knowledge.

Especially as CodeChef has a huge Indian user base I decided to keep the quiz in preferred IST time.

I hope you guys are ready for fun.

The questions will be related to sorting, arrays, trees, graphs, stacks & queues etc.

Note: Questions will be posted under this thread only. I will post questions one after the other.

Inviting some top CC Discuss contributors: **@waqar_ahmad224, @everule1, @ssjgz, @l_returns **, and all CP fans who want to get some fun this lockdown.


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So what is the time ?


that will be fun I belive


5 questions for all you guys …

Try to answer them today, will post some more mathematical questions tomorrow including Integral calculus, vector calculus, partial differential equations, numerical differentiation & integration & set theory, etc.

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abaaa ?
This seems like classical ques.

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Some mathematical questions for you guys???





The particular integral of \left(2 D 2-3 D D^{\prime}+D^{\prime} 2\right) Z=e x+2 y is

x e x+2 y \
(y / 2) e x+2 y \
(x / 4) e x+2 y \
(x / 2) e x+2 y