Dubious over the authenticity of my apparently wrong answer

I tried one of the questions from a CodeChef challange, while my code seems to be working perfectly(I’ve tried many different cases), after an online submission, it is being labelled as generating wrong answer.
The conundrum I endeavored to resolve via the same is ‘For a given positive integer N, what is the maximum sum of distinct numbers such that the Least Common Multiple of all these numbers is N.’

I could post the code here, but not sure whether I’m allowed to do so.
I’m baffled, please help!

Ps. I’m absolutely sure there’s nothing wrong with my code.

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just check if you are having overflow for higher numbers… can’t say more than that!

May be you should try to solve the issue by yourself right now… It is the part of learning :slight_smile: You can compare your code later on

Exactly similar issue I am facing. It says “Wrong answer” and none of the cases passed for “Broken Telephone”. But I have tried all different examples and it was working fine. I have followed the instructions for Input and Output formats as well. Anything else I could be doing wrong?

Dont’ discuss like this during a live contest. Try to search for the correct logic, still more than 9 days are left.