Dunzo India SDE Android Intern 2021

Anybody interviewed for the Dunzo SDE Android Intern 2021 or in the process of interviewing for the role?
Please comment.


Did you get any call for interview yet?

No, I submitted my OA on hackerrank. Want to know preparation strategy and tips from people who grabbed the offer or yet to do it.

Bro are u done with the interview?

No, bro. Yet to get an interview call. Do you think solving questions on LC or GFG works?

I mailed dunya (given in the test link) and a reply came stating all internship roles are closed now.

Does anyone knows any source which regularly update the job openings in various product-based companies?
So that we all don’t miss any opportunity.

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Internbit, LinkedIn etc

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Internbit, Breaking Hiearchy etc they are active in Linkedin as well as Telegram.

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Yeah for me I was late in submitting NOC and missed the opportunity for interview.