Dynamic Programming ( Complete Foundation ) 🟢

This is a complete foundation course on Dynamic Programming which will help you to understand what Dynamic Programming is all about. This consists of Lectures, Example Problems, and Discussion on some Standard Problem which can be solved by DP efficiently.

Topics Covered in Dynamic Programming Foundation Course.

Dynamic Programming Problem Solving ( Foundation ):

Course Page - Contains Practice Problems, Notes, and other Online Resources.

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Practice problems related to Maximum Sum Subarray added.

New lectures on Number of paths in Grid added. It contains Mathematical and DP approach.

Practice problems related to Number of paths added:
Problem Link: https://www.codelabs3277.org/2020/07/dynamic-programming-course.html

3 videos added:
-> Jumping problem discussion
-> Longest common subsequence theory
-> Longest common subsequence implementation

2 videos and 2 practice problems added:
-> 0-1 Knapsack Problem ( AtCoder )
-> Longest Palindromic Subsequence using LCS

Dynamic Programming Basic Problem Practice Set 1 added.
The problems are from codeforces and specially selected for beginners.
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New lecture added: DP9: General approach to solve any DP Problem.

Problem set 2 added for which editorial will be published.

Tri Tiling Problem:

Hi, all after completion of the Dynamic Programming - Foundation Course, We are presenting to you the Complete Course Overview.

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3 - Practice Problems Editorials uploaded.