Dynamic Programming from zero to hero [Need help ]

Hey Community, need help, I want to learn Dynamic programming (I know basics but yet again I m asking as a just beginner in DP so that other people also take benefit of this post).

How can i learn DP from zero to hero, please help and give me the right path, thanks :slight_smile:

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Watch Aditya Verma’s playlist
and refer this https://leetcode.com/discuss/general-discussion/1000929/solved-all-dynamic-programming-dp-problems-in-7-months

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This list doesn’t have easy question , simple question are of rating 1700-1800 which is big enough for beginner . I will suggest you to solve some Leetcode problem , CSES problems for DP


You can start with this video

Thank you everyone who replied , will look into that , and surely learn / practice these questions :slight_smile:

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