Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming consists of about 34 topics or even more than that , is there a need 2 do all of them ? or only some important only.
If v have to do the important ones only which all are the important ones ?

I am following this playlist
Dynamic Programming - YouTube

Personally I know I am not that great in DP . But just coz. I like it a lot, I would not mind giving you some tips…Dynamic Programming is one topic which challenges you a lot( whether a beginner or an expert).You need a hell lot of practice to master it .A wonderful resource for starting Dynamic programming is obviously this Topcoder tutorial. You can find a variety of problems all explained in an easy-to-understand manner.Then start solving DP problems from Online contests held in Codechef,Codeforces and Topcoder…
Personally a good advice is DONT go by a particular topic. Try to solve a particular problem no matter whether you know the underlying algorithm or not…Try a lot. Once you dont get it after a while try to see the editorials . If there is a new algorithm which you hadn’t learned, then learn them and try to solve it again. And BTW the link of videos you gave are not that important.Those are just some Beginner’s videos…
Keep Practising ! Happy Coding !!

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