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I am new to programming.
I really don’t understand how the points are awarded in the questions which have points(eg NOPC9 string encryption),my execution time was 0.00 sec yet I was awarded 0.5 points. What does the chef look for while awarding the point,in the code?

PS: I searched for it in the site but couldn’t find it.

@coda : The points are not awarded on the basis of execution time / memory consumed . For every challenge problem there is a different marking scheme which is mentioned with the problem statement . You score is the ratio of your score with the score of best submitted solution till that time . The score is dynamic , so if someone submits a solution with a score better than the current best , then the new person gets score of 1.0 and everyone else’s ratio if recalculated .
I was not able to find the NOPC9 string encryption problem , please tell the exact problem code .

the NOPC9 problem is in the peer section, but points are rewarded as it was in the challenge one. probably a simple little mistake. nothing to really worry about, considering the fact that you have clearly explained to @coda the way points are rewarded for this kind of problems. :slight_smile:

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It seems to me that there is partial score used (I didn’t know it is possible here).

So there are 8 files and your program returns correct result just for 4 of them.

Problem is f.e. with that input:


your code returns


thax a lot guys :slight_smile:

facing same issue I am also at begging level don’t have proper guidance how to build a strong profile on code chef plz give some suggestion