can anyone tell me what the question mean ?i find language confusing :frowning: …i am a newbie

Given that in each minute the size of the cake gets doubled. You are given the time ‘a’ when whole cake was baked. Let’s assume that the size of cake at this time was ‘x’. You need to find the time ‘k’ when the size of the cake was ‘x/2’ and now the task was to find the value of (k+2).
Be careful with constraints.

cake size doubles every minute so it will be x/2 at (a-1). hence k=(a-1). so k+2 =(a+1)
but its saying WA for it

Check the constraints. Its 10^128 which is way beyond int or long long. Either use string or use Python

oh nice …didnt pay attention to it …thnx

Well tried my best to simplify the statement of the question .Hope u will find editorial helpful will be posting in few minutes .