Edit Codechef Handle

Hey Codechef,
Please give us just a single chance to change our Handle names. It has been soooo long and often times, most of us are regretting that we could have our handles much better.

Since Codechef is the first ever CP site for most of the beginners(atleast in Inida) …Handle name isn’t much concerned about in the beginning.

But now, it has been quite a period and we want a new Handle change option just for once.

Please think it out.


YES :expressionless:

Yes, @admin should consider our request.

They don’t consider this request :sob: , I mailed , but :frowning_face:

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We understand the such a feature would be useful to some, and we have looked into this in the past, but the impact of such a change is pretty massive on our code base, and this would be a huge task to take up. And it’s frankly not very high up on our priority list.
So yeah, it is something we will get to, but don’t hold your breath - definitely not in the next few months and possibly not something we’ll get to even in the next one year.


Bla Bla Bla…
You guys just speak and do nothing. The new feature of the Present, Past, and the future contest is useless. makes a lot of confusion when selecting. Even though you guys should focus on the main problems instead of focusing on problems that are not even there.

Exactly…there is no point in that present,past,future etc.

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