Editorial for AlgoManiac Contest?

Are the Editorial of AlgoManiac Contest(Link to the contest) held on 2-Sept posted?
I can’t find it.

The link given in the main page of the contest doesn’t lead to any editorial.

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Yes, they are. You may find it in CodeChef discuss for now. The link will be updated soon.

Hey I was looking for the editorial of OPDIVF
I found others’ editorial on discuss except for this one.
Can you check ?

Yes, that is yet to be published. You’ll find it soon.

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Will we get video solutions of the problems too on CodeChef YouTube channel?:pray:

it’s been 3 days.
I still can’t find the editorial of the problem OPDIVF.
can you please check?

Apologies for the delay, not been keeping well.
I’ll upload it tonight.

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