Editorial for Dream of Divisibility DREDIV?

I am not able to find editorial of Dream of Divisibility DREDIV Problem of Jan 21 Lunchtime on Codechef Discuss?
I am searching for the text editorial of DREDIV as I am not able to understand the video editorial of DREDIV?
If someone has link of DREDIV Text Editorial then please share the link.

None of the written editorials of JAN Lunchtime are out.
Wait for some time.


Okay . I will wait then . If someone can explain then he/she may reply on this thread .

I am facing one doubt that How the solution is related to power of 2 . I dont understand this.

suppose you take the test case 6 6 8 7 3 and its given a[i]=a[i]+a[j] if i=1 and j=1 it means that the every time we add it to itself its sum will increase multiple of power of two like 6+6=12 which is 6 X 2 and 12+12=24 that is 6 X 4 like this .So if k is divisble by power of two then you can easily say that the number will be divisble. if its is not so then you cant make a number divisble by k if it is not already divisible by k.
Example suppose you take
N = 2
a[]= {7 , 2}
then if you see that neither 7 is divisble by three nor 2 is divisble by three so if you take sum 7 and 2 then it will be 9 and one of them will become divisble.you can see this by taking mod of two number 7%3=1 and 2%3=2 so now a[]={1,2} and sum of 1 and 2 is three now it beomes {1,3} so now again mod by 3 array becomes {1,0} so now we cant make on divisble.


Any element can be multiplied by a power of 2 by adding it to itself specific number of times.
So it is safe to remove powers of 2 from K and the answer won’t change.


i think it makes sense

Thank you so much for the best explaination in easy words. Your logic is more easy to understand than the video editorial of codechef. Thanks fyter_112