Editorial for IPC151B?

Why there is no Editorial for IPC151B contest? I could only see Editorial for QPAIRS question but what about rest?.

I appreciate the quality of questions but there need to be editorial for us to learn.


Yes, I am also waiting for the Editorial!!!

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Hey Ankur, The editorialist is working on the remaining editorials for the contest, you can expect them in a day or two.

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Please enforce editorials in advance when hosting a contest.
It is kind of irritating to keep waiting endlessly for the editorials and then finally receive half baked stuff just out of charity.


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Hey admin please bring out editorials for all the questions of IPC151B. Editorials for only a few questions are out which are easy ones.6/10 questions editorials are still remaining.Please Please work and bring out the editorials of following questions.


4 editorials have been posted.
The others are still working on their editorials :confused:

Waiting for editorials for rest of the questions