Editorial Of Anteater Without Keeping Track of ants and other matrix

solution link

For row 1 to r
For col 1 to c
If S[row][col]==‘R’
// Collision with U, we check on diagonal path only
if S[r_init][c_init]==‘U’ and S[row][col_init]!=’#’
//Check for straight line paths if there isn’t any ‘#’ on the path
And score ++;

It will be more or less copy paste of this part for different kind of meets .


if you want some help please ask in comments…!


I tried by ur method but i am getting W.A. Can you correct my code. The link is

it do have some implementation problem … because logic you used was correct
and it is not possible for me to read each and every line and find error it will take time
i will suggest you to freshly implement this logic again …that is the best thing you can do

Ok thanx I will try again