Editorial should be simple

Editorial should be simple because the complex editorial demotivates and for beginner it is not easy to understand these editorials!!

I think the editorials are written well enough. They are quite informative and well explained. I don’t know what your problem is and why are you complaining about everything. If you feel everything is very hard for you out here, take some time, practise some problems and don’t take part in contests. After you feel confident enough start competing again. Don’t expect people gonna spoonfeed you :confused:

Which editorial are you complaining about? June long?

i m not complaining i just asking because i m a beginner and having too much difficulty !!

Can you please tell me what should i practise so that i can increase my skills and knowledge regarding ds and algo(step by step).

yeah in 2nd and 4th question i am not able to understand clearly!!

Use this Prepare Codechef