Editorials - Cook off

@admin, the editorials of some Cook-off problems have not been uploaded yet. Please look into the matter.
Also please don’t post the link of videos, I don’t want to watch them.

:rofl: :rofl: literally this one was so lame. No one is asking you to watch those videos

There might be some people who would spam here by posting the videos, I want a well written editorial, don’t you?

This depends entirely on your preference. There’s a decent amount of people who’d prefer video editorials over written editorials.

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That’s why I said before only not to post video links. I don’t like them at all.

You mean to ignore them ?

but guys it’s happen some time that written editorial r not help full
so for that we need video editorial.
i mean there has been some problem i did not understood by looking written editorial

Looks like someone ran out of arguments, nvm it happens :rofl:

I didn’t understand this…

Maybe you like them but I don’t.

You replied something(which I didn’t understand) on your own comment and then posting this thing just to start a heated argument. Why?