What should I do if I am interested in being an editorialist?
I see that in most contests , one person is in charge of the editorials like the recent kick-ass long challenge editorials by @tmwilliamlin .

How does the editorialist thing work :slight_smile: and what’s the procedure to apply for it?

So , does the editorialist get the setter’s and tester’s solution during the start of the contest along with their notes and has to prepare everything in a few days time?
Is there any remuneration and is there a way for a person to write an editorial to only those problems he is qualified for?
I’m mainly interested in questions like second and third of cook off or 4th or 5th in div 2 Long.
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I have heard that the CodeChef forums are a great place to learn and the community is there to help anybody willing to ask for it, but it doesn’t seem so.

I see a 6-star on you @ssjgz why don’t you try and help me? (Instead of flagging my post)

It’s been only an hour since you posted your doubt!
Wait for a while and I’m pretty sure your doubt will be resolved, keep trying !
While I understand your frustration at not getting an accepted solution, spamming everywhere isn’t the right way to go :slight_smile:
As for @ssjgz not replying, you can’t force someone to help you my friend, it’s sorta rude and demanding.
There is a way to ask :slight_smile:
Hell, he spends most of his time here helping everyone xD.


I am sorry for being rude. But I am actually very frustrated with the two test cases and it was the second time that I had posted my doubt (with no one helping me out for the second time also) and then my post was flagged so it all simply increased my frustration exponentially.

  • You do not follow community rules and spam multiple threads with your same question.
  • You don’t have patience. I see several replies on your post despite it just being an hour old.
  • You feel you are entitled to receive help.
  • You then ask why someone who is more versed with community rules is flagging your post.

Hope things are clear to you on why you are wrong.


I do have a lot of things to say here :3 . I will ask you to read here - https://www.codechef.com/problemsetting/editorials

Regarding other doubts, shoot me an email.


What do you mean? (No offense just can’t understand what “lot of things” do you have?)

Sure! Thank you :slight_smile:

That was a reply to my query :slight_smile:


Depending on the contest, different things happen. This might be unrelated but I’ll describe what happened:

February Long:
It started like 2-3 weeks before the end of the contest? I solved all problems on my own, and briefly look at setter’s and tester’s solutions to see if anything was different (and if so, I asked them what they did). Not too eventful.

February Lunchtime:

This one was the best. I was added like 2-3 days before the contest. 1 day before the start of the contest, I thought there were only going to be 5 problems in total (not 7) because I only saw 5 problems. 10 hours before the start of the contest, and I was unable to submit 4 of the problems. I was able to submit the last problem 5 minutes before the start of the contest. The problems were easy, though, so there were no big problems.


Really nice :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing xD