Elementary Problems in C++

Here is a simple question (not simple for a beginner):-
How to take n space separated integers as input in c++ without any clumsy code, in a simple and efficient manner?

I previously used python for programming and it has a neat way of doing that but I couldn’t find anything like that in c++. On searching through the net I found some code but surprisingly it was larger than the actual code for a problem (neither easy to implement nor to understand).

I would be grateful if you could tell the code that you use and explain the reason behind it.

If n is not large,


If n is large,

store it in an array, or use values online

int val;
int arr[n];
for(int i=0;i<n;i++)

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Assuming we already know the value of N:

vector<int> values(N);
for (auto& value : values)
     cin >> value;

Just a query… If I do keep entering integers even after having already entered N integers the program just keeps taking it, so does it result in any error on submitting it as a solution?

How are you so sure that your program just keeps taking the extra integers?

If n is given then idk what’s the problem,
Use stringstream if n is not given.