Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef!

your hidden elo changes:
1664 after Starters 47
1701 after July Lunchtime 2022
1745 after Starters 50
1714 after Newbie Bonus recalculation

You had no negative elo changes from contests.

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I dunno why they reduced my rating and increased the ratings unnecessarily…why this is happening with me

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Same happening with me sometimes increases and sometimes decreases auto

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But i got increased in my ratings

Thanks for the info.
Was it affecting earlier in any cases when there was no provisional rating feature? @admin

I am asking this because it may make user to feel like “Hey! you are a new user and I don’t trust your skills so means I also don’t believe you solved these problems by yourself. Therefore as an empathy keep this provisional rating and don’t feel bad”.

I participated in Aug long challenge in Div 3. I did not get any rating points from that contest. Can somebody please help

Your rating change just happened to be +0.

I haven’t really participated in codechef lately however I joined yesterday August Lunchtime 2022 Division 1 and I came at place 18. I had rating 2002 and I got a very small rating change (+102) whereas there are some users placed below me (eg.sanyon and eddard) who had more rating than me before the contest and got a really big rating change (the first one had rating 2177 and got +117 and the second one had 2045 and got +162).

Can someone please explain how the rating system works in such a strange way? I thought that the rating system of codechef was similar to atcoder and codeforces.


@theo830 - this thread should give you an update.

please providde the pdf for Elo-MMR rating for recent contest

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are you gonna do anything for the cheaters who are spoiling every contest, why you don’t implement plagiarism check after every contest like Codeforces???

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why did i get minus -153 ??

because about 6000 people solved more problems than you, you only solved 2 problems and took more time than 7000 other people who solved only 2 problems but if you had solved 3 problems or solved those first 2 problems in 15-30 mins your score would have been much higher. You took 1hr 30 min to solve those two but I think you arrived at the contest 1 hr late. You should try to solve first 2 problems as soon as possible and always be at exact time for contest if you want higher rating.
Edit: @sarthak0714

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then you will do well



when will the ratings be changed fully to Elo-MMR rating? After how many contests or any date for the same? @admin

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How can I remove my status as “Inactive”??

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Participate in any of the rated contest on CodeChef, you can find the list here