Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef!

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a star allocates the user to a specific division… if ratings aren’t given how will the user be able to participate in contests?
Thus, I think giving star badge is not a big deal as the ratings are still provisional.


How is it useful?

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But how to see the my original ranking?

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I am a 9th coder and want to go on high for making my dream codechef help me very well. Thank you very much codechef


how can i joined 5 rated contests ?
i am new so i dont know can you share url



there are total 4 division and 5 rated contest comes in division 1 . For joining 5 rated contest , first of all you gone throughout 2 , 3 , 4 to division .This is done as you participate contests. You cannot joined directly 5 rated contests.

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Thanks you for supporting

thankyou for telling this.


how to see my rating

Go to your user profile by clicking on the top-right icon, and click on Account (or here)

Top right corner of your profile show your current rating.