ENABLE VIEW OTHERS CODE once we have solved it : Request

In long challenge specifically, this feature to view others code should be enabled after we have scored 100 points.I don’t see any drawback in it.

Rather the pros is, that in long challenge we would learn new techniques using which other might have solved the problem.And after 10 days we tend to avoid to do that generally and go for other contests and problems.This feature would really be helpful.

If anyone sees any cons of this feature which could be used for bad,please share.

I totally disagree with this. You can wait for the long challenge to end to view others solution.
If the solutions are made public during the contest, then the very purpose of MOSS test would be defeated. Like I will copy somebody else’s solution and submit it using a fake account, thus plagiarizing the original writer.


same thing I was gonna say. Thanks for saving my time!

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This is indeed a big problem.

I’m sorry but honestly, this is the most stupid thing I’ve heard in a while !

This would increase plagiarism to a whole new level ! Think about it


Ok…so…a guy will give hints to the 6th problem’s solution in 5th- problem’s code,in comments.

Now what ? :slight_smile:


That guy would be a “precious burden”. Precious for cheaters, and a burden for non-cheaters. :slight_smile: