On 23rd February, 2020, Codechef NSEC conducted an ONSITE event (which was also public).

Contest Link : here
Ranklist Link : here

We would like to announce the winners of this event :slight_smile:

Rank 1 : Team Antipr000 led by Soham Mukherjee [Rank 1 ONSITE and ONLINE]

Rank 2 : Team LongTimeNoShe led by Abhishek Pal and Anjan Agarwala [ RANK 2 ONSITE, RANK 3 ONLINE]

Rank 3 : Team Mr. Noob led by Souradeep Paul and Indrajit Sinha [ RANK 3 ONSITE , RANK 10 ONLINE]

Heartiest Congratulations to them :star_struck::100: and to those who took part in both ONSITE AND ONLINE Rounds.

Love from Codechef NSEC ! :heart:

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