Encoding June 2020 Discussion Thread

Encoding June 2020 has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed solving the problems. We are happy to announce that 918 people participated in the contest and out of them, 858 people made a successful submission. 27 participants solved 9/9 problems.

Congratulations to the global top 3:

  1. @swapnil159
  2. @raman3217
  3. @EgorK

Here are the editorial links to the problems in the contest:

ECJN201: ECJN201-Editorial

ECJN202: ECJN202- Editorial

ECJN203: Editorial - ECJN203

ECJN204: ECJN204 - Editorial

ECJN205: ECJN205 - Editorial

ECJN206: ECJN206-Editorial

ECJN207: ECJN207 - Editorial

ECJN208: Editorial - ECJN208

ECJN209: ECJN209 - Editorial

Do share your valuable feedback here: https://forms.gle/zCfs4n6Sv8b4m6fc8


Will there be a rejudge for ECJN206?

Can anybody tell me, why I was getting WA in ECJN206? I was using dsu.

This is the solution for ECJN209
It uses ordered_set(pbds) to find the value for a given order in O(logN) time which makes the solution O(64NlogN + QlogN) .Why does this give TLE when Q and N are upto 10^5.
I even tried to optimize to O(32NlogN + QlogN) (by simply storing the i’s having jth bit set) to check if it was just off by very less time, still no improvement.
I’m confused by the verdict.If anybody could explain.
Do correct me if i haven’t analysed the time complexity correctly.