Enough,Stop It

Is there a joke going on around or what. The Guess tiling problem had a submission of 42-45 yesterday evevning and now it got 120+.CodeChef should learn something from Codeforces.Should run the plagiarism test the next very day and then update the ratings.Its just cramp.


now it has reach nearly 200

@admin See this GDB online Debugger | Code, Compile, Run, Debug online C, C++. I found this question really difficult in terms of implementation. Now I know how so many people have solved it…

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Div A noob coders

Div C pro Coders


Check this out. I have reported every plagiarised submission for TILESQRS here.


What the actual F… The 5 :star: coders are trying literally hard to solve it and here DIV C are solving like a pro… Seriously??? :scream: Need to work on my skills of Smart Work [pun intended]

That is obviously, rating doesn’t matter but if you check the link of the comment present above my previous comment (Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc - #392 by jay_1048576) , you’ll realize I am not saying anything in general…