Enquiry Regarding ZCO

In ZCO will the solving platform be similar to the current codechef solving platform ?

will there be unlimited submissions with immediate evaluation and result just like it is at any problem on the codechef website ?

Hi @hbot_42 :slight_smile:

For the past few years, ZCO has been conducted on Codechef, without any major technical issues, so you can safely assume that this should be the case for the upcoming ZCO too. The platform is usually notified via email within a couple of weeks after registration.

If they continue with the rules of previous editions, there should be unlimited (maybe 200-300 max, no penalties) submissions, with immediate evaluation and result. However, the code is only evaluated on a set of pre-tests, and the final result will be also be based on additional tests, after the contest.

During the contest, you are given a text file containing these pre-tests, so you can debug your code on them if you don’t get AC. From my experience, these pre-tests are usually very strong.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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Thank you ! @akashbhalotia

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To me you seem to be an experienced competitive programmer .
@akashbhalotia can you please suggest a good resource to learn “data structures” .


I don’t feel that there is any one particular good resource. You can choose which topic you want to study, google it, try out a few sites, and choose one which suites you the best. Usually, it’s not one site which has best resource for every topic. Different sites have good blogs on different topics.

So you can try them and decide what helps you better.
Some of them are:-

  1. Code Monk
  2. GeeksForGeeks
  3. ICO Prep resources.